A New Day has Dawned.

People everywhere are saying that electing Barack Obama is evidence that racism is over in America, and they must be right because we are already feeling the love!

We can't believe how much America has turned around! Every week we'll bring you a new story of how our fair country has become more...fair.

Have you had similar experiences in this new racism-free world? How has your life changed? Share your stories with us, and we'll put them on the blog.

One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Nov 20, 2008

The day after, part 2.

I hear you Jamal, and I saw a lot of that same tired look on white folks faces. Damn. Electing a black man took a lot of work huh? I mean it took us forty years longer to do that than to put a man on the moon, so sheez, I bet they are tired. Lord knows, I am. But yeah, I noticed that the white people I passed by seemed kind of lost. I mean for the last twenty months white people had a reason to talk to me- I mean, they had a conversation starter. You know "I am so excited that we might actually elect an African American to the office of President." or "Isn't Barack Obama great? I bet you never thought you'd see someone with a name as unique as yours in the White House." This would precipitate a conversation about my name, or how their biracial nephew admires Obama, or how they admire Michelle, you know.

But now, they didn't know what to say. A few people tried to start up convos with. "Isn't it great?" But when I responded "Yeah, It's pretty great." the conversation just kind of trailed off. A few times, I tried to stir things up with "What? Isn't what great? Did something happen and I missed it?" Which seemed to provoke stares of confusion as they walked cautiously away from me. A couple of times they would find another white person and whisper to them as they pointed back at me. One would shrug their shoulders and the other would put their arm around them and whisk them off to a happier, less confusing place.



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