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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Nov 24, 2008


Okay not to dwell on my TV watching habits, but wtf? I cannot tell one channel from the others now. What happened to all the shows that take place in NYC but have absolutely no people of color on them? I can’t find one show with an all-white cast. Where are all the Aunt Jemima stand-ins, you know the fat black women social workers? Where is the Pine-Sol lady? All the Indian 7-11 store owners are gone too. Law and Order went an entire two weeks (which you know means about ten episodes) with out one gangsta rapper in the plot. There are no stories about terrorism or honor killing, and I haven’t heard one fake urban, Asian or Arab accent in, gosh, I can’t even remember what they sound like. Give me a crack whore…something. Good grief. It’s downright disturbing. I’ve been watching this one show for nearly a month and a half and they haven’t even broken up the interracial couple. This has to be a record.


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