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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Dec 1, 2008

Sports Mascots

Okay, Tamika, I know you’re not the biggest sports fan in the world, but did you see the game between the Sequoias and the Polars? It was off the hook! I went over my parents’ house and my family made a day of it, we all brought food had a great time. The kids, who are usually bored and distracting, read books about trees and wildlife. They kept screaming "Go Sequoias! We love trees!" Then they switched loyalties when there was an ad during half time that showed them how to adopt a polar bear family. They all agreed to send a portion of their allowance to make sure one polar bear family gets fed and is able to safely raise its cubs. It’s a way to deal with the repercussions of global warming. It was a great time. My parents are life-long sports fans and had just about given up watching nearly everything because they got so sick of seeing smiley, buck-toothed people of color bouncing along the fields and courts on team helmets and jerseys. Now that sports teams everywhere realized that there’s no money in exploiting people of color, my parents can watch again. I hear that viewership for nearly all sports has increased and sales of team memorabilia has tripled.

Plus, the NFL finally got rid of the eighteen mascots that were all basically variations on the same animal. You remember the cougars, the jaguars, the panthers, and the leopards etc. It all got too confusing. Talk about a lack of creative thinking. Geez. Now, instead of racist caricatures and big cats, sports teams have taken up the mantles of endangered species- things that actually have reason to be angry and fighting for their lives. Plus each team donates a portion of their winnings, ticket sales, and fan gear sales to protecting the piece of nature that they’ve adopted as their mascot. It makes the whole experience so much more involved. This whole post-racism world opens discoveries that people probably never expected!


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