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Nov 23, 2008

Black History Month

I called the principal my niece's school last week because Black History Month is coming around the corner and I always help the school prepare the things they need. They usually have something like African dance, soul food, read Native Son or part of the I Have a Dream speech, which they haven't done recently since they do that in January now.

I got a call back with a message saying that they wouldn't be needing my help this year.
I got straight on the phone and called him back.

The principal was excited to take my call. He called me Ms. which he hadn't done before. I figured he was going to deliver some bad news. Instead he says, "Actually we're all set. We do lots of things all throughout the year. Last week we had a slide show on Black inventors. Next week the kids will do readings from great black authors. The week after we stage a fun "black Oscars" celebration of the great black stage and film performers, you know the type of things- just regular school stuff. Oh and in April we're going to have a black surgeon come in and walk us through the first open heart surgery as performed by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams."

What the hell is he talking about?

"We find that our students emerge better citizens, more informed, more engaged, and with a generally positive attitude about each other when they learn the history of the United States. History is so important, especially in our unique country. But then again, the federal government does have its regulations....but we'd still teach this way even if we weren't following the rules."

I was still stuck on April.
Wait, what did he say about Federal regulations?

"So as much as I'd love your help, all the volunteer spots are already filled by white parents. They volunteer year-round to teach their favorite cross cultural topics. You should see the Asian American history committee! There's 21 people on that one. We have ample school budget to pay the teachers to do this work, but the parents just can't stay away."


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