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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Nov 23, 2008


Guest Blogger: Juan Carlos

Tamika and Jamal,

You would NOT believe who showed up at my house yesterday! My aunt and uncle! Yeah, that's right. You know how surprised I am because they got deported eight months ago. I didn't think I would ever see them again. I'm afraid if I go visit anyone in Mexico, I'll not be let back into the country, even though I was born here.

So I poured them a café con leché and waited to hear their harrowing story. I wanted to know how they survived the desert, the citizen militias and what tiny apartment they were living in with dozens of other workers so I could bring them some food. They told me a story so incredible, I still can't believe that it's true.

They said that they were sitting at home one day when a knock came at the door. When then answered it was an immigration officer from the United States. They were scared out of their mind. They had already been deported and could not imagine what more could be done to them to punish them for illegally coming to the United States. They cautiously invited the officer in, fearing that if they turned him away, more would follow. The officer sat down and pulled out an envelope. He handed it to them. In it was a letter of appreciation and apology from the US government, thanking them for contributing to the economy and apologizing for terminating their employment prematurely. Also in the envelope were two new US passports, one for each of them.

They were in shock.

The officer left and my aunt and uncle still did not think they should attempt to cross the border. They knew that there were a lot of angry citizen and militia groups stretched across the border that would probably think that they had forged their passports and violently force them back into Mexico, or worse. They decided to investigate. When they arrived at the US Mexico border, traffic was moving smoothly, there was no congestion. This is shocking as usually there are long lines due to long intense searches of nearly every vehicle that goes across. They asked the border attendant what had happened.

"Hi folks, how can I help you today? Are you headed north?" The oddly cheery officer said.

Shocked, they nodded a silent yes, knowing that saying less is usually safer.

"Great, let me show you the way." He waved his arm across a horizon of roads like Vanna White unveiling the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. "We've got several new roads built by the Minute Men, that will make it easier for your trip. Some of them are even pretty scenic. Would you like a guide for your journey?"

Dumbfounded, they nodded another silent yes, this time more out of curiosity than fear. In about thirty seconds a man wearing a shirt that read "Minute Man" In giant red white and blue lettering showed up with a big smile, a basket of fruit and two water bottles filled to the brim.

"You got here fast." my uncle finally spoke.

"That's why they call us Minute Men!" Said the cheery white man, pointing to his shirt with pride. "You folks headed up to the states for a good job so you can send some money back here to home? That's just great. It's so wonderful to see people supporting their strong and growing family. With enough work, hopefully we'll get Mexico to a place of prosperity and comfort just like we have in the US. So happy to help you get that process started. I'm gonna drive in my jeep just ahead of you, so you two can have some privacy, but if you need anything just honk. We'll be there in no time."

The man gave their car a confident two-pats on the hood. He walked to his jeep, reached in and pulled out a magnetic sign that he slapped on the side of his car. It read "Immigration Escort." He jumped into his jeep. He looked back at the two of them and waved to make sure they were ready to go. My aunt and uncle waived back and he started off toward the states.

When they got to the states they went back to see if they could pick up their old below-minimum-wage jobs. The company was thrilled to hire them, but this time at minimum wage, which they were told is now $12 an hour. Then they took them to a hotel for temoprary housing which they are allowed to stay in for two weeks until they find a good place to live. Not just a place to live a *good* place to live. Their company makes sure that each of their employees are living in comfortable housing so that they are focused and productive at work. After a day at work, the workers at the plant invited them to join the union, and now with the added pull of all the new immigrants, the union has negotiated for improved wages, vacation and health benefits.

"You want to go eat dinner, mijo?" My aunt said happily, "Our treat."

"Sure!" I was thrilled, my relatives had never had enough money to take us out before. "What kind of food should we have" I asked, "we've got the world to choose from you know."

"I'm in the mood for American." my uncle chimes in.

"Me too." My aunt smiled at him with a light in her eye that I haven't seen since they first got engaged.


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