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Jamal and Tamika

Nov 23, 2008

FEMA Trailers

I called my cousin in New Orleans yesterday to see how this new America was treating her and she told me that the government showed up yesterday and took away all the FEMA trailers! I know! I thought the same thing- the government is just trying to slowly kill those folks in NoLo. It's painful to watch. It's been how many years since Hurricane Katrina, and still people are living in shacks and catching unnamed bacteria from all the mold and disease floating around there. I was about to go off! But then before I could start my rant, my cousin stopped me.

"No, no, Jamal, it's not like that any more. Don't you know they came down here with a slew of help and National Guard and volunteers, and Americorps and the Peace Corps even came home for a few days and now we have beautiful new houses to live in. And we OWN them! Yep, they gave us the deeds and affordable mortgages too. Oh, and puppies! I am not kidding, everyone who got a new house, and that was...everyone, was given a dog to bring instant life to the new place.

You have to come visit! Come for a dip in the pool! They also built a new school and outfitted it with the latest books and technology. Then they brought teachers from the best districts in the country to teach the kids. The place has really taken a turn for the real."

"What did they do with all the moldy gross FEMA trailers, where are they taking them next?" I asked thinking about the next community of color to be dumped on or penned up in the mobile death traps.

I heard they recycled them." She said. "Guess they're going to be shopping bags now."


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