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Nov 24, 2008

The US Senate

I finally took a break from BHC (the Black History Channel) and cruised through the stations to see what else had changed. I didn’t get very far because I stopped on CSPAN. There was this vaguely familiar looking set, I mean it must have been a set because it could not be real, that looked like the US Senate. I immediately recognized the scene as government, but not as my government. I paused the remote and thought, “Hey, cool, whose government is that?”

And then the person serving as chair said “I will now recognize the Senator from Washington, DC.” What? I hit my TiVo record button. No way, I thought. No f-ing way! They finally gave DC a senator. DC, a city that is 65% black and drives around with license plates that say “taxation without representation?” You remember, my ex-girlfriend is from DC and complained about that all the time. I nearly called her up but then thought that was kind of like drunk-dialing, except it would be more like…shock-dialing, post-racism shock dialing. I’m sure we’ll start hearing more about it PRSD Post Racism Shock Disorder. People wandering the streets just hoping that a white person will be intimidated or afraid of them, people quitting their jobs for no other reason than they were used to being fired on a regular basis, people sending themselves mean emails about how they shouldn’t have gotten this job or into that school and how affirmative action is illegal. Hey, speaking of… what happened to affirmative action?

Anyway, back to CSPAN.
The senate was like Jesse Jackson’s rainbow coalition. From what I could count on pause and slo-mo, There were twenty black senators, 2-0!, There were also twenty Latino senators, Six Asian American senators, and three Native American Senators. I think I picked out one or two native Hawaiians and a few people of color that I could not tell what race they were. Looked like America to me!

I was so excited, that did actually call my ex-girlfriend. She hung up on me. I guess Obama can’t fix everything.


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