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Jamal and Tamika

Nov 24, 2008

White Power

With all the changes, I had to check on the White Power groups. I couldn’t imagine what they were up to now. Twiddling their thumbs? Did they move to a new country? Have they switched focus to the anti-kitty-cat league? Naw, I knew that wasn’t going to be the case, those dudes love cats. No, seriously, those dudes love cats.

It was hard to find them. They are all living in seclusion and very suspicious of anyone who asks about them, especially if that person is black, Jewish, Mexican, or anything other than their cousin, really. I guess they’ve been getting attacked a bit from people who are angry for they way they’ve treated non-white folks over the years. What I found out that did surprise me is that they are also being inundated by white people who want to rehabilitate them. I guess there is some kind of program that pays rewards for people who lead to the capture of WP folks, since now they are officially listed as a terrorist organization.

As far as I could track down those that are not in prison seem to be focused on doing “good works” like adopting highways and cleaning streets to convince people that they were still useful. I’m told that they were allowed to keep their group names so that we can identify them and never forget the history that we overcame and have to keep in the past.


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