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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Dec 8, 2008

Catchy Phrases

Here’s yet another way that living racism-free encourages vocabulary growth. People no longer use racism-based catch phrases to say what they mean. Like “you’re a real slave driver” or “she’s really cracking the whip.” This includes all related sound effects as well. Now people say what they mean, like “you’re really encouraging us to work hard.” How refreshingly accurate, with absolutely no reference to 200 years of brutal enslavement of an entire race! Who would have thought of that before? Phrases like “Indian summer” and “ricing your car” have also fallen by the wayside, as people realize the error of their prior ways. Naturally, this has carried over into non-racist cringe-worthy phrases. People almost never say “he is pimping you out” or “she drank the kool-aid," and no one uses "retarded" anymore. It’s really raised our caliber of conversation out of the gutter.

People also stopped being so defensive about their lack of vocabulary skills and instead filled the gap in their verbal repertoire with more words. Now that’s an easy solution! Amazing. Before people would debate and defend every insulting thing they said as if it was the hearer’s ears that had caused it to be offensive. Now, if a phrase has a hint, or even a myth of disrespect about it, people eschew it for an accurate, clearer non-insulting sentence. It’s nearly a renaissance of the English language!


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