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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Dec 24, 2008

Santa Claus

Oh. My. Goodness. Tamika, this might be my favorite part of the new post-racism America. I nearly fell out when I was at my brother’s house to decorate the Christmas tree this year. My little nephew, looks up and says “Daddy, why does the fat white man bring us presents every year?” and my Brother, without skipping a beat replied,

“Well, son, you know how they taught you in school about the all the other fat white men who put your grandpa’s grandpa into slavery?”

“Yeah. They were really scary.”

“They sure were, Hakim. And then after that, they kept your grandpa from voting, and going to school, and they used to keep me from getting jobs that were equal to the jobs they had. But not all white people are scary, or mean, or invested in racial inequality. In fact now, white people embrace and promote racial equality. As a symbol of that, a friendly, nice fat white man comes and brings presents to kids all over the world to remind us that everyone is equal and deserving of all that is good.”

“Awesome! I love Santa Claus.”

I swear I nearly spit out my egg nog.

But it did make me miss my favorite holiday song...


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