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People everywhere are saying that electing Barack Obama is evidence that racism is over in America, and they must be right because we are already feeling the love!

We can't believe how much America has turned around! Every week we'll bring you a new story of how our fair country has become more...fair.

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One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Jan 15, 2009

Greeting Cards

Hey Tamika-

You know how I used to get so angry trying to buy greeting cards? Remember how I used to stomp out of the stores in a huff because every dad on the "Fathers's day" cards were white? Remember when I complained to that gift shop when I tried to get a card for my mother's birthday but all the cards I found for "Happy Birthday Mom" had white ladies in aprons on them? Remember how I refuse to go back into that store and you have to listen to a tirade from me about it every time we pass by?

Well not anymore! I am so excited. Today I went back to that same gift shop- my sister's birthday is around the corner and you know how my family is obsessed with gifts and cards. Anyhow I held my breath and walked inside hoping that the new america would make the whole greeting card thing easier for me and low and behold.....cards with people of all kinds of races on them!

I couldn't believe my eyes! In addition to that there was an entire row of cards dedicated to actual social issues. Seems like people can talk about it now that racism is over the greeting card industry realized that they were missing out on a giant marketing opportunity. So now you can get cards about coming out to your parents, announcing unwanted pregnancies, getting a divorce, and much much more! You can even get cards saying "I really need to talk to you about something..." and it has a little wheel that you can circle about to get just the right topic for your intervention. This stuff is perfect for my family!


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