A New Day has Dawned.

People everywhere are saying that electing Barack Obama is evidence that racism is over in America, and they must be right because we are already feeling the love!

We can't believe how much America has turned around! Every week we'll bring you a new story of how our fair country has become more...fair.

Have you had similar experiences in this new racism-free world? How has your life changed? Share your stories with us, and we'll put them on the blog.

One Love (for real this time),
Jamal and Tamika

Jan 12, 2009

"Click" the Sound of Car Doors Locking

Alice wrote us an email to share one of the things that she's glad has changed in the New America:

As people drive in Cleveland they used to see a group of people on the street and hit the car lock button. Embarrassing for everyone. No need for that now. They might even have the window down and wave and say 'Hi!'

You are so right Alice! Now people will roll down the window and say HI! to all who pass. Now the only "clicking" sound you hear as you walk down the street in Cleveland will be the sound of cameras taking pictures of our incredibly positive and fellow-citizen-loving world!

Thanks for writing in!

Jamal and Tamika


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